Project Highlight

GRAND NCEMike Smit is a Network Investigator with the GRAND NCE, collaborating with the MEOW / KNOW project to examine research communities, collaboration, and how research is disseminated and discovered.

Event Highlight

The 2014 IEEE 8th Symposium on the Maintenance and Evolution of Service-Oriented Systems and Cloud-Based Environments, MESOCA, is September 29th in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. It will be co-located with ICSM 2014, and is currently soliciting high-quality papers!

Paper Highlight

"Enabling an Enhanced Data-as-a-Service Ecosystem" was presented at Cloud Cup, part of SERVICES 2013. This project designed, implemented, and evaluated an ecosystem for organizations with Big Data to securely and selectively provide access to that data through an easy-to-use data portal. Built on MapReduce, it offers capable access control along with well-defined service interfaces.